The one thing that makes or breaks all digital transformation

Biggest mistake: Thinking that choosing the right tech is the most important step


  • Top management’s clear directives with bottom-up buy-in and alignment
  • Willingness to change and belief that change and the inconveniences along the way are worth it. Even if it means changing well-established processes and digging deeper to solve cross-departmental issues, which can be politically tricky at times

Expect and plan for these obstacles along the way:

  • an uncooperative colleague in the IT or neighbouring department
  • poor or no documentation of processes
  • difficulty in gathering requirements or getting sign-offs
  • long delays to getting things done or people in meetings due to conflicting schedules or lack of prioritization
  • systems are not set up to support the change and more development work is required than expected
  • expectations of stakeholders can be unrealistic where they expect a one-shot success and chastise mistakes
  • lack of commitment and time for stakeholders
  • political wrestling among stakeholders

Find your “Skunk Works” team to power create and model success

Always start with people who can propagate change, much like intra-preneurship.( More about that in a later post)



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